deb + kyle

if you’re unfamiliar with my journey of reinventing myself with photography, see this post here to get a bit of a background on where i’m coming from, then come back to this post :)

deb + kyle reached out to me after word got around to them that i was looking for a few wedding couples who would give me complete creative freedom on their wedding day in exchange for free photographs. after a few emails and a facetime call, i knew that they were the right fit! they flew me out to virginia a few days prior to their april wedding where i got the opportunity to meet all their wonderful friends and family members. i also finally got to meet deb’s brother in law bram vandermark, an incredibly talented nyc based director + photographer who was actually the person that sent my instagram post to deb in the first place. it’s crazy how things lined up!

so the process of doing things a different way photographically means learning a lot of lessons and making adjustments where i felt was needed. after the first wedding in january, i reflected on what i did well, things i could do better and what i can incorporate for next time. i took all of these things into d + k’s wedding and did my best to apply everything i learned. in addition, i also decided to shake things up a bit and shoot with my fully manual 35mm film camera throughout the day, which was so incredibly fun. moving forward, i plan to shoot with film more and more and integrate it into my workflow.

d + k, thank you so much for everything! i had such an amazing time and i’m incredibly grateful to you two for giving me the opportunity to photograph your big day. so much love for you both! ❤️

venue: rust manor house // photographed on 35mm film + digital

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