caihla + jourdan

i’ve been photographing weddings since 2015 but stopped in 2022 because i was no longer enjoying the work i was making. during the summer season between june and september, i put a hiatus on photography & worked a 9-5 but quickly realized that i wasn’t cut out for that life — i missed photography too much! in october 2022, i began the journey of reinventing myself and rebuilding my photography business. i wanted to photograph weddings in a different way, so i made an instagram post in search of couples who would be willing to give me full creative freedom on their big day and in exchange, they would receive free photographs. my post made my way to caihla + jourdan and a few months later, i photographed their wedding in san diego on january 21, 2022. here are some photographs i made! huge shout out to c + j for giving me this opportunity to try something different — i am forever grateful!

venue: mission bay yacht club

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