Ashley + Vitaly

here’s a fun backstory:

on december 2, 2021 - ashley’s sister, lauren, had afternoon tea (aka her bridal shower) with her closest girls at the westgate hotel in downtown san diego. a few weeks prior to the event, word got around to me that there was a soon-to-be bride in need of a photographer for her bridal shower, which i gladly accepted because why not?! when i arrived at the hotel, i began to see some familiar faces. i put two and two together and realized that lauren is the sister-in-law of christina, who i did family photos for a year prior in december 2020. basically, it was a full circle moment without me even knowing it. absolutely wild!

fast forward a year later, lauren reached out to me and asked if i could be available to photograph her sister ashley being proposed to by her boyfriend, vitaly. i of course gladly accepted! when the day finally came, vitaly got down on one knee, proposed, and ashley of course said yes! little did ashley know, both her and vitaly’s families were right around the corner. everyone celebrated over sandwiches, pastries and champagne. it was an absolutely beautiful late afternoon and i am so honored that i got the opportunity to photograph it all! now i’m waiting to see what’s going to happen with this family next december because there seems to be a pattern going on :)

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